January 1st, 2022
In 2018, I was commissioned to compose music for a fan-developed Halo mod to a popular real-time strategy game: Sins of a Solar Empire. I applied for the role as a joke, citing that I would rather chew glass than ever write music inspired by Halo. In the end, what resulted from my efforts would end up being some of my favorite works thus far. 
When this soundtrack releases, it will be 5th album I've written since I began composing in 2010 as well as my first foray into video game composition. This project was not by any measure a huge success financially or professionally, but personally it has been an endeavor of tremendous satisfaction and personal growth.
I've experimented with compositional elements I would have otherwise neglected, atmospheres I didn't know existed, and the result of this effort is a body of work for which I hold tremendous pride.
To be able to leave my mark on something that thousands of people from all across the world love is truly inspiring and humbling, and I'm excited to finish volume two later down the line.

While the Sins of the Prophets OST vol. 1 can be heard now on Soundcloud, it will be available for streaming via Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else music is starting January 1st. 

Thank you to Chokepoint Games, Unikraken, Idio, and all those that have listened to my sketches and my bitching over the last four years as I've chiseled away at this. To lend your ears has been nothing short of a charity for which I could never repay.

-SpaceBat (Grady)