Audio Arcturia began in 2010 as a half-baked idea conjured out of spite. It turns out that being told not to do something is a great driving force for creativity. I took my humble beginnings of composition seriously, coming from a very brief but passionate musical education. Reading music was never my strong suit, but growing to be a part of it was. I cannot list my inspirations for starting a small music label as they are many, but I can say that every genre and a great number of idols influenced that beginning. Educators, family and musicians alike all played a major role in the inception of this "project", and 10 years later that idea has grown into something for which I posses immeasurable pride and confidence. It never became something of an accolade through which I might garner wealth or fame, nor has it been the pursuit of some career aspiration. It has been and always will be an expression of identity for myself and any other musical partner to join the fold in the years to come.

- Grady Klein -
Cape tuam mortalitatem ira
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